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What side-effects / risks are associated with cesium chloride / DMSO therapy?

What side-effects / risks are associated with cesium chloride / DMSO therapy?

Side effects of cesium chloride protocol

Inflammation (swelling) and pain - this treatment can cause temporary inflammation of tumor with its inherent pain. In some areas, inflammation could block flow of key fluids (e.g in the pancreas or liver), or cause an obstruction (GI tract), or pressure on the brain.  In these cases, it may be necessary to take extra anti-inflammatory measures as described in instructions.

The following side effects are sometimes present:

•    Muscle cramps - usually due to lowered serum potassium levels;

•    Tingly feeling in fingertips is a common, temporary side-effect - can also occur in lips /face or feet; generally only lasts for a week or two. Note that this can also be a side-effect of chemotherapy.

•    Numbness within the triangle formed by the mouth to the tip of the nose;

•    Flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting;

•    DARK, DRIED blood in urine - can occur as the kidneys dispose of dead tissue, usually seen in the morning, not afternoon or evening.

Numbness within the triangle describing the mouth and the tip of the nose.

DMSO has a somewhat unpleasant smell

One drawback when using DMSO with this therapy is its smell, somewhat akin to garlic, which emanates from your skin and  breath - a small matter when in a desperate situation, but a problem if you need to hold a job dealing with the public! The bad breath and/or body odor is caused by the DMSO leaving your body after doing its job.  You may want to take a shower and change your clothes more frequently than usual.

Cesium therapy lowers blood potassium levels

When utilizing the cesium protocol, it is of utmost importance that potassium levels are replenished (preferably from potassium-rich foods or else by taking a supplement such as potassium chloride) and also monitored -  those undergoing cesium therapy should watch for signs of potassium deficiency and have their blood potassium levels tested every two or three weeks.

FDA report on risks of cesium chloride protocol

FDA identified 5 reports submitted to FDA and 18 published in the medical literature describing patients who experienced adverse events from cesium. Seventeen of those reports were associated with CsCl, and 6 with other cesium salts like cesium carbonate. Most patients took cesium to try to treat cancer. The doses described in these cases ranged from 500 milligrams taken every day to 100 grams taken over eleven days. 

Reported adverse events included QT prolongation (a dangerous abnormality that can impair the heart's ability to maintain a normal rhythm), low potassium, seizures, potentially lethal arrhythmias, fainting, cardiac arrest (the heart stopped beating), and death. QT prolongation due to low potassium levels in the blood was the most frequently reported adverse event. QT prolongation in the presence of low potassium usually improves quickly when potassium is administered,

FDA alerts health care professionals of significant safety risks associated with cesium chloride

The cesium chloride protocol described at this website has a maximum daily oral or transdermal dose of 3 grams cesium - injected doses should only be administered in a clinical setting.

The adverse reports on cesium chloride treatments should be kept in perspective - considering the number of detrimental side-effects of pharmaceutical treatments.  E.g. Statin drugs have caused thousands of verified deaths. Also, many utilizing cesium chloride for therapy do so as a last resort after a failed mainstream medical treament and are already in a weakened, late-stage condition.


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