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CANCER MENUbar CT, PET or MRI scans - Which give "True Picture" of Cancer Health?

Scans - Which Ones Give "True Picture" of Cancer Health?

A PET scan, not a CT or MRI scan, shows the “true Picture”of whether your cancer cells have been dealth with

–   On CT andMRI scans, dead or necrotic cancer cells show up just the same as live cancer cells –and can therefore give a false diagnosis

–   PET scans do differentiate between live and deadcancer cells

The body eventually breaks down and eliminates dead cancer cells

Also, CT scans actually cause 2% of cancer cases – a 2010 article at mercola.com reports: “According to a study in theArchives of Internal Medicinelast year, CT scans alone willcausenearly 30,000 unnecessary cancer cases [every year] (about 2 percent of cancer cases), which will lead to about 14,500 deaths. But wait, there's more bad news. While 30,000 cancer cases is a large number, aNew England Journal of Medicinestudy from 2007 estimated that overuse of diagnostic CT scans may cause up to3 million excess cancersover the next 20 to 30 years.

Nearly 30,000 Americans Get Cancer From This One Procedure EVERY Year: Will You?, September 25, 2010, Dr. J. Mercola

Baking soda is used to protect kidneys from radiation damage from such as CT scans, MRIs and other radiological diagnostics or treatments

Baking Soda Protects Kidneys from Radiological / Chemotherapy damage and slows kidney diseases

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