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(2) Eliminate Cancer Cells

Are you considered to have Stage IV (Advanced) Cancer?


A person has advanced cancer (stage IV) if . . .

He or she has any of the following criteria:

Cancer spread throughout their body (e.g. to the bones, lungs, liver, pancreas or brain)

✔ A fast growing cancer / tumor

✔ High fatality cancer (e.g. lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, multiple myeloma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma)

✔ Any type of bone cancer

✔ Has been treated with extensive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy

✔ A swelling or inflammation of a tumor could cause a blockage of key fluids E.g. Lung Cancer

✔ Has an estimated one year or less to live

✔ Orthodox medicine rates the cancer as Stage IV

A person with Advanced Cancer who has undergone a failed orthodox medical treatment has fewer treatment options

But can still have a true 50% Cure rate - A person who has undergone mainstream medical treatment is likely to be facing some major, but not necessarily insurmountable challenges:

–    Their immune system has been virtually destroyed - by chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

–    Their body is full of fungus, and other microbes - because their immune system cannot fight microbes and the body is highly acidic;

–    Their cancer is stronger than ever - the cancer cells have developed a resistance to chemotherapy, called Multiple Drug-Resistant cancer cells. These MDR cells are one of the main reasons cancer patients in regression have such a high fatality rate;

–    At least one major organ (usually the liver) has been severely damaged;

–    Numerous non-cancerous healthy cells have been killed or damaged - chemotherapy does not target cancer cells; cancer cells have stolen nutrients and glucose from the formerly healthy cells;

–    Their bone mass and muscle mass may have been depleted - as part of the attempt of the cancer cells to get food (common in cachexia patients);

–    Their cells are acidic – acidity is what helped cause the cancer to thrive in the first place and makes person susceptible to getting cancer again (i.e. regression);

–    Their digestive tract is probably severely damaged - cannot absorb nutrients;

–    They may be in extreme pain and possibly have lost the will to live - VERY significant factors.

3 Major Considerations must be addressed in Choosing a Treatment Method for a person with Advanced Cancer

Killing cancer cells is not difficult, but to kill them timely and safely,

consideration must be given to the following issues:

(1) Treatment can not depend on the GRADUAL build-up of the immune system - Since, it takes time to build the immune system, and time is a luxury that a stage IV person does not have.

(2) Inflammation/Swelling, and Congestion(in lung cancer patients)-Can be very dangerous for certain types of cancer and in certain cases.

(3) Getting rid of the debris from dead cancer cells and broken-up DNA places a great burden on what is left of the body's immune system – this requires that the treatment be "paced" to allow the body time to eliminate the waste.

It is interesting to note:

–   Orthodox cancer treatments must be "paced" because of the HEALTHY CELLS they damage or destroy

–   But "Stage IV" alternative cancer treatments must be "paced" because of DEAD CANCER CELL debris

Only about a dozen alternative treatments are potent enough to give advanced cancer patients a 50% chance of survival, especially after chemo and radiation.

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