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OZONE RHP™ (Recirculatory Hemoperfusion)

What is ozone therapy ? - In ozone therapy, ozone gas is generated by a medical quality ozone generator and may be introduced into the body by various methods including breathing through olive oil, absorbed through the skin, introduced rectally or vaginally or injected /infused directly into the bloodstream. The strength of ozone therapy lies in its singlet oxygen molecule and near infrared radiation produced as the ozone created reverts back to oxygen. These phenomenon can increase oxygen levels to cells, alkalize cells, destroy cancer cells, eliminate pathogens, cleanse blood (which cleanses liver, kidney and other organs), and boost immune system function.

Webster Kehr of cancertutor.com believes that only the methods that directly introduce ozone into the bloodstream qualify as a stage IV (“sent home to die”) ozone therapy.

For non-stage IV cancer other ozone therapies are effective.

Ozone –Powerful Biooxidative Healing Tool

Ozone RHP™ ( Recirculatory Hemoperfusion) in a similar method to dialysis, a pump draws patient's blood from a large vein in one arm, the blood withdrawn is microfiltered to remove unwanted elements, it is ozonated and then reperfused into the body through a vein in the other arm. After 3 hours the entire blood volume (only 700mL is out of the body at any given time) has been filtered, purified and enriched with ozone. Ozone RHP™eliminates chronic and acute illness, in a non-stressful, pain-free manner, and at low cost. At present, it is only available in a Maylasian clinic.

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