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The Beck Protocol against Cancer

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What does the Beck Protocol Achieve?

The strength of The Beck Protocol lies in its following attributes:

Directly inactivates microbes  - by production of broadband ultrasound and other phenomenon lethal to micro-organisms. The body is said to contain up to 2 pounds of unnecessary microbes.

Increases oxygen availability to cells

SUPERCHARGES the Immune System (by ridding the body of its unwanted microbial load) enabling it to rid the body of cancer cells and any new microbial infection by phagocytosis - improves immune cell function by increasing production of immune system “ammunition”neuropeptides e.g. Interferon and interleukin 2 are particularly deadly to cancer cells. This enables the immune system to appropriately attenuate current (and future) microbes/cancer cells, and to remove debris (destroyed infected cells and dead “bodies”).

May also directly destroy cancer cells - by destroying budding viruses that leave holes in membrane, resulting in cell destruction.

Increases cellular energy production and thus cell membrane potential of all healthy cells reached by:

 (1) improving membrane permeability

 and (2) improving oxygen/nutrient delivery by cleansing blood.

In a 1998 study, researcher, Dr. Robert J. Thiel documented that delivering pulsed electrical frequency signals through the skin can be useful in the treatment of a variety of infections by removing microbes from the blood, lymph, kidneys, liver and spleen.

Summary Benefits of The Beck Protocol

1.Destroys Microorganisms

2.Harmonizes / Stimulates Glands

3.Increases Blood Oxygen Levels

and Red Blood Cell Count

4.Normalizes Cell “Battery”(membrane potential)/ Improves Cell Energy production

5.Decreases Pain and Inflammation

6.Restores Immune System Function

7.Destroys Cancer Cells

8.Demonstrates Tissue and Scar Repair

The Main Drawbacks of using the Beck Protocol against Cancer

The main restriction for utilizing the Beck protocol is that it can not be used by anyone taking any type of strong prescription drug (including chemotherapy) - It is sometimes possible to safely get off strong drugs. Some people experiment with the milder drugs to see if they can tolerate them during the protocol by taking them immediately after the daily treatment. This gives time for them to be cleared from the blood before the next day's treatment.

It takes 2 or 3 months to prove its effectiveness - time that some cancer patients do not have;

Protocol does not include any nutritional or dietary additions to help fight the cancer or boost the immune system - to both “buy time”for protocol to work and ensure it does not return. Necessary nutrients can easily be added to protocol.


The Cancer Diet

The Beck Protocol involves three small, generally affordable electrical devices:

The “Blood Purifier”(E.g. SOTA Silver Pulser) - creates a ~4 Hz. very small voltage square wave, which produces broadband ultrasound frequencies that inactivate microbes and possibly destroys cancer cells anywhere in the bloodstream - the blood is accessed non-invasively via 2 cotton-covered electrodes placed over the pulse points on the wrist. Typical daily treatment is painless, lasts 2 hours, and does not interrupt normal daily function.

The “Magnetic Pulser” (E.g. SOTA Magnetic Pulser) - Since some microbes are not in the blood, but in the liver, kidneys, lymph or other parts of the body (e.g. with AIDS many viruses are colonized in the gut), Beck developed the Magnetic Pulser to disable those microbes too, by producing rapidly changing magnetic fields that produce broadband ultrasoundand other therapeutic phenomenon.Typical daily treatment is painless, and lasts 20 minutes.

Water O3zonator - Drinking ozonated water provides oxygen to the body's cells for greater energy production and for the immune system's use in oxidizing microbes and toxins.

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