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Bill Henderson Protocol

This protocol provides a diet that creates a highly alkaline inner terrain in which microbes and cancer cells cannot exist - as such it is critical to the treatment's success that a person should stick rigidly to the diet proposed –which is designed not just to avoid "feeding" the cancer cells, but also to be an active part of the treatment.

–   An adaptation of the Johanna Budwig diet -which is based on flax seed oil and cottage cheese;

–   Requires a rigid diet and researched specific supplements - that Henderson does not sell or profit from, including a green drink called “Barley Power”

–   Addresses four characteristics of cancer - all of which are made worse by orthodox cancer therapies:

1) A weak immune system

2) A lack of oxygen to the cells

3) Excessive toxins

4) Acidity in the body

Instructions are in Bill's book: “Cancer Free - Your guide to gentle non-toxic healing”


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