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Causes of Chronic Low-Level Inflammation (CLLI)

CLLI is a common factor in the progression and development of most health problems /diseases today primarily due to dietary and lifestyle changes:



Stress, Toxins, Damaged Fats, Microbes and NOT Enough Antioxidants

Oxidant/Antioxidant Imbalance

Too Many Inflammatory Fats . NOT Enough ANTI-Inflammatory Fats


 Damaged fats from typical grocery / restaurant oils. An insufficiency of anti-inflammatory Omega-6 GLA and Omega-3 EPA and oppose inflammatory Omega-6 fats. Lack of healthy SATURATED Fats. Nutrient deficiencies

Too Much Sugar / HFCS and Other Refined carbohydrates

Hyperglycemia/Glycation produces damaging AGES

Too Much Meat & Dairy / NOT Enough B-Vitamins

Elevated Homocysteine Levels

NOT Enough Alkaline-Forming Foods / Dehydation

Overly acid-forming diet

Lack of sleep and emotional stability


Food contaminated with pesticides and herbicides or genetically modified; chemically treated water; An excessive exposure to environmental chemicals and drugs;

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