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Cancer – Fungus-Infected Injuries?

Cancer - Fungus-Infected Injuries?

Thanks to Ronald Gdanski, Author of the book CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up. (ISBN 0-9685665-0-2), who pioneered this plausible explanation as to the cause of cancer.

There's a fungus among us

Cancer eventually causes body tissue to rot.   Rotting tissue attracts fungi, mold and yeasts; so whether fungi is a cause, effect or by-product of cancer, eventually it will be there.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved all cancer cells produce energy through fermentation of glucose.    Identical to the process used by fungi to ferment sugars.

-   Disease connection to fungi.    In Dr. Gerson's book on cancer, he stated that when cancer patients came to him he noticed that several diseases were common to his cancer patients. He stated: "I found cancer frequently combined with chronic osteoarthritis, high or low blood pressure, chronic sinus trouble, or other chronic infections ..."

•    Chronic sinusitis is known to be caused by a fungus.

•    Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease.   The foods most suspected of creating this inflammation are rich in fungi, moulds and yeasts.

-   All the observed traits of cancer cells can be explained by recognizing that cancer starts with a mass of infected cells.   These are locked in fermentative metabolism by fungal enzymes.

The loss of oxidative metabolism and the subsequent loss of ATP negatively affects immune system function, allowing fungally-controlled cells to multiply unchecked.    The transfer of the use of food nutrients for  (a) The production of ATP (b) An increase in growth rate, explains why fermentative cells grow faster than oxidative cells. Unrestrained growth of abnormal cells will stop if we eliminate the microbial source of growth factors in our body by eliminating all parasites - E.g. Using a herbal parasite cleanse program.

Unrestrained growth can be explained as a process resulting from internal injuries that do not heal due to an infection

Cancer is defined as a group of diseases with the symptom of unrestrained growth.    It is a well-known fact that injuries, such as cuts, do not heal if infected.

-    Breaking the membrane of a pre-cancerous lesion, for example, initiates rapid doubling of infected cells and the pathogens within them.     Lack of healing holds the repair-of-injury mechanism in high gear, doubling pathogens, infected cells and the subsequent mutated cells. That's cancer.

-    Destroying all rapidly growing cells with toxic drugs will not allow the injury to heal and so shut down the current of injury - it defeats the body's only method to stop rapid cancer growth and is part of the reason why chemotherapy is such a failure.

Microbial infection plus Injury causes cancer

Parasitic larvae eat through membrane walls and initiate the body's normal current-of-injury to increase cell doubling for healing repair.  The current of injury also causes microbes to double production of their membrane growth factors. However, healing doesn't take place because the repair cells produced by the body are incompatible with those produced by a microbe. The repair process continues without healing, and with more and more cells being produced -i.e. cancer. Parasitic larvae also infect adjacent cells.

In 1913, cancer researcher Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger of Denmark proved that an infection of parasitic larvae can cause cancer.   He initiated cancer in healthy laboratory mice and rats by feeding them parasitic larvae of a worm found normally in horses. Fibiger received the Nobel Prize in Medicine, in 1926, for discovering a parasite (Spiroptera) that causes cancer.

See http://www.nobel.se/medicine/laureates/1926/press.html for complete details about this monumental, but suppressed cancer research.

Growth factors or enzymes are essential for DNA doubling and cancer growth.    Cancer cells in vitro will not multiply without the addition of a growth factor (E.g. blood serum from calves.

-    Parasitic fungi or bacteria can produce the growth factor.    Due to the similarity of DNA in all living things. The unrestrained production of growth factors, by parasites in the human body, results in abnormal growths called neoplasms, benign growths, cysts, polyps and pre-cancerous lesions.

-    Growth factor is released by a cancer tumor.   This indicates that growth factor is being produced inside the tumor by pathogens.

-    Cancer cells lose human traits and become more primitive.   This could be explained as a consequence of growth factors from a primitive life form?

An infected injury does not heal, causing cells to continuously multiply --> cancer

-    Rapid doubling of cells to repair injuries is due to an increased energy field called the current-of-injury.    An ECG measures the current-of-injury following a heart attack. Dr. Robert Becker, M.D. demonstrated that a man-made energy field could also control the rate of growth for repair of injury. He connected a miniature battery to the stumps of amputated legs of frogs and rats and they grew replacement parts. [“The Body Electric”by Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden]. Hospitals apply an energy field to speed healing of crushed bones. Energy and nutritional factors control the rate of growth in the normal repair-of-injury process.

-    The autonomic current-of-injury stays on until an injury is healed, as it does for a cut finger.    However, as you well know, a cut does not heal if it becomes infected. . .

-    If injury is infected, the current of injury also causes the pathogens inside the cells to double rapidly.    Fungi and other infectious microbes have genes to produce growth factors for membrane cells, just as mushrooms, which are fungi, produce the skin of a mushroom.

-    Human and parasitic cells simultaneously produce epithelial growth factor (EGF) for membrane cells to repair the membrane, which won't knit/heal.    The resulting daughter cells end up with mutations in the cell wall. New mutated cells are unsuitable for performing their original function and fail to heal.These mutated cells are rejected like a skin graft that does not take and collect mainly in our storage vessels.

In summary, if an injury is infected:

•   Healing does not take place;

•   Current of injury stays on, such that cells continue to divide and multiply endlessly

•   Infected cells and pathogens continue to divide, mutate, and multiply.

•   Lack of knitting results in non-healing and metastasis.


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