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Far from a death sentence, cancer is a wake-up call - by the time a tumor is diagnosed, it has usually been growing for several years.


What is a cancer cell? - a cell inefficiently producing its energy by fermentation (from glucose), rather than by cellular respiration (i.e. from glucose + oxygen). It ferments glucose, hates oxygen and divides out of control. A tumor with a billion cells is about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil.



We get cancer cells every day - and our immune system normally destroys them; (The photo to the right shows an immune system T-cell destroying a cancer cell).

Lifestyle choices, lack of good nutrition, emotional trauma, excess toxins etc. create more fermenting cells than the immune system cells can handle . . . at which point we are diagnosed as having cancer.

To cure cancer, we need to understand that it is a systemic problem - killing the cancer cells (with chemotherapy and radiation, for example) is not going to restore our system back to normal.

All cancers have four characteristics which need to be addressed- (All made worse by conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation):

–    Weak immune system

–    Weak cell “battery”levels – can involve low oxygen uptake by the cells, magnesiumdeficiency, poor cellular membrane integrity, harmful electromagnetic frequencies/or conversely a lack of beneficial EMF frequencies;

–   Excess acidity

–   Imbalance of oxidants compared to "damage control" antioxidants

What is Cancer?


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