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Alternative 1-2-3 Cancer Cure Plan for Most Cancers

Fixing cancer is not about popping a pill or having a therapy done to you

Reversing cancer requires holistic treatment.   There are many aspects to address.

As a cancer patient utilizing alternative therapies, you need to be your own “doctor”.  i.e. treatment requires active participation - It is not a passive endeavor, where you just provide your body for other people to do things to you while you proverbially sit back and watch. Rather, it requires that you are in the driving seat both mentally and physically - as the owner of your therapy choices, activities and recovery. Without this self-motivated involvement , it is less likely you will win the battle against cancer, because you won't be actively pushing for its success.

Suffice to say, that to have this kind of motivation,  you must actually WANT to live!    This is not always the case.

 The 1-2-3 Cancer Plan for most cancers

This treatment plan is for most cancers.  Including: pancreatic, colon, thyroid, prostate, breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian, endometrial cancers and malignant melanoma. A different plan is needed to deal with, for instance, leukemia and basal carcinoma (skin) cancers:

Basal Cell Carcinoma


(1) Cancer Treatment Core  - "Cancer NOT Allowed!"


Create an environment in your body that does not promote further creation and migration of cancer cells and that also supports the non-cancerous cells

A cancer protocol has to address its many possible causes.  Including  emotional stress (which may be all it takes to create an environment for cancer),physical stress / trauma,  heavy metal toxicity, viral / fungal and other pathogens that promote cancer formation,  ph shift toward the acidic, mineral and other nutritional deficiencies that leave us vulnerable (e.g. insufficient magnesium, omega-3 fat, iodine, antioxidants and thier cofactors: selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, and iron )

(1) Cancer Treatment CORE

(2) Eliminate the Cancer cells

It is not as difficult as you may think to get rid of cancer cells, but any method used:

(a) Must control the amount of debris produced.  So as not to overload the immune system with dead cancer cells;

(b) Must be sensitive to any inflammation created near vital organs

(c) Must be strong enough for the specific stage of cancer

(2) Eliminate cancer cells

(3) Control pain and Inflammation

(3) Control cancer pain and inflammation

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