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Treatment Choices

Cancer treatment requires a detox protocol, a specific diet, certain supplements and lifestyle changes:

(i) To create an environment in your body that does not promote further creation and migration of cancer cells


(ii) *** IMPORTANT *** - To support the non-cancerous cells


If your cancer is considered a stage IV you will need to choose at least onetreatment considered powerful and fast enough to tackle it


Are you Considered to have a Stage IV Cancer?

There are a handful of therapies with enough power, and which act fast enough, to handle advanced/Stage-IV cancer:


If your cancer is NOT immINently life-threatening, you can choose a slower therapy

Cancers which are not imminently life-threatening can be treated by many different methods.

Supplemental or Non-Stage IV Treatments (denoted in lower-case font)

  Can be used for stage IV cancers to “buy time” to allow slower treatments to work.

Some cancers require special treatment

Brain cancer - because of the "blood brain barrier" and the danger of inflammation/swelling;

Brain Cancer

Lung cancer – because dead cancer cell debris or inflammation can obstruct breathing;

Lung Cancer

Bone and bone marrow cancer -because there are no blood vessels that directly get to the cancer cells.

Bone Cancer

Leukemia - which originates in the bone marrow.

For suggested treatments, see article:

Leukemia –“White Blood”

Special Cases particularly benefitting from electromedicine treatment

(1) Inability to digest foods effectively (usually due to stomach or colon surgery);

(2) Inability to extract nutrients from foods/supplements effectively - E.g. when stomach lining is damaged by chemotherapy.

(3) With a fast growing or spreading cancer - frequency therapies directly and immediately disable cancer microbes inside cancer cells, of major significance if there is not enough time for building upthe immune system to do the job.

(4) When cancer is in the bones or bone marrow - nutritional protocols may not be able to reach the cancer cells. The "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" / “PLASMA AMPLIFIER”can.

(5) When there is a risk of life-threatening inflammation/swelling in tumor area - no inflammation is caused when elecromedicine disables microbes inside cells.

(6) When type of cancer involves heavy infections - electromedicine can kill infective microbes if they can be identified.

Treatment Compatibility

Be aware that some treatments are incompatible with certain other treatments or nutrients (mentioned in treatment details)


–   No Vitamin C with Graviola /Paw Paw, Hydrazine Sulfate or Protocel (

–   No probiotics with Laetrile

–   No other treatment except chemotherapy with Graviola / Paw Paw

–   No blood thinners with pancreatic enzymes (proteolytic enzymes), which are also blood thinners

–   No strong prescription drugs with Beck Protocol (mild drugs can be taken immediately after treatment) or RIFE RESONANCE PROTOCOL(Blood cleansing frequencies)

–   No tranquilizers with hydrazine Sulfate (potentially fatal)

It is important to do your research and check compatibility of treatment elements with any drugs taken

Primary treatments producing debris should not be combined – to prevent overloading immune system.

Treatment Effects?

D Denotes treatments that produce debris - Too much debris from dead and dying cancer cells and microbes (although dead microbes are not as voluminous as the much bigger dead cancer cells) can overload the immune system. Rate of kill-off must be controlled to allow the immune system/liver time to SAFELY dispose of the debris, which could otherwise poison the patient.

  Denotes treatments that can produce Inflammation/swelling in tumor area- Before a cancer cell dies it gets sick, alerting the immune system to launch an attack. This causes inflammation and swelling, which In the lungs can cause congestion, or in certain tumor sites can put pressure on vital body parts E.g. in the brain, either of which can be life-threatening.

X   Denotes treatments that SLOW down FAST-GROWING cancers and prevent metasasis

A   Denotes treatments that alkalize the body and slow down cancer growth


Denotes treatments that boost the Immune System

Cancer Treatments

Treating cancer requires the use of multiple cancer elimination protocols – charts at the following links are intended to help you choose a complete treatment plan.

(1)  Protect and Nourish Healthy Cells

(2)  Remove Cancer Cells

(3)  Prevent Metasasis

Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, treatments presented on this website DO NOT HARM HEALTHY CELLS

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