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Breast Cancer

What measures can I take to prevent breast cancer?

Vitamin D / Sunshine is the #1 cancer fighter

•   Cheap and natural solution

•   This steroid hormone has receptors in and influences almost all body cells.   Once converted to its active form (Calcitriol) in the liver, kidneys and other tissues, your organs use it to repair damage and reduce cancer cells.

 Increases self-destruction of mutated cells.   Prevents their replication; cancer cells usually begin as mutations;

✔ Shown to shrivel up cancer cells in days

JoEllen Welsh, State University of New York at Albany

✔ Reduces spread/reproduction of cancer cells;

 Causes cell differentiation.    Cancer cells often lack differentiation, whereby a cell becomes more specialized by changes (mainly due to modifications in gene expression) in shape, size, membrane potential, metabolic activity and signal responsiveness.

✔ Reduces new blood vessel growth from existing ones.   Angiogenesis is a step in the transition of dormant tumors becoming cancerous;

•  Ideal level circulating 25(OH)D CALCIDIOL is 65 - 90 ng/ml

•  Synergistic with other cancer treatments

•  Prevents many cancer deaths.    One landmark study examining just breast and colorectal cancer deaths, determined that increasing vitamin D could prevent 600,000 deaths each year.

•   Vitamin D is effective against at least 16 cancer types;

Vitamin D against cancer

•   Found to work at least as well as Tamoxifen.   Without the detrimental side-effects.

Dr. Mercola's one - hour free lecture on vitamin D

Emotional control

•    Address stress.    E.g. Using Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT) or SOTA Brain Tuner;

•    Work on positive attitude



Supplement with Iodine.    Prevents cancer formation and spread, especially reproductive organ cancers;

Iodine against cancer

Avoid Excess Iron

Excess iron contributes to oxidant activity.    Ferritin, the iron transport protein, tends to increase after menstruation ceases; should not be above 80; donating blood lowers ferritin level;

Iron and Aluminum toxicity in breast cancer

Eat nutritional food

•   Don't eat processed/refined foods;

•   Ensure all nutrients.   Especially:

✔ Antioxidants.   Especially vitamins A, C, E, and ubiquinol (active form of CoQ10); antioxidants control radical damage implicated in cancer; fight microbial imbalance;

Regular moderate physical exercise

✔  Omega - 3.    (E.g. as krill oil or wild salmon oil) shown to influence BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes against cancer;

✔  Eat broccoli or broccoli sprouts;

•   Improve INSULIN Receptor Sensitivity.   Exercise and control intake of refined carbs and sugar; iodine also helps improve receptor sensitivity.

Reduce body's estrogen levels

There are several tactics you can use to reduce estrogen in the body:

A couple of examples, include:

•  Maintain a healthy body weight.   Estrogen hormone is produced in fat tissue, and may trigger breast cancer.

•  I3C / DIM.   Phytochemicals such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and sulforaphane are components of cruciferous vegetables which exhibit antitumorigenic activity associated with altered carcinogen metabolism and detoxification. Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a major metabolite of I3C formed in the gut and represents a new class of antiestrogens that inhibit breast cancer growth. It also encourages cells that are abnormally multiplying to stop reproducing and die.

Researchers have found that DIM and genistein (a major isoflavone in soy) reduce production of two proteins whose chemotactic attraction to each other is necessary for the spread of breast and ovarian cancers.

When applying purified versions of DIM and genistein to motile cancer cells, the researchers could literally watch these cells come to a near halt. When either compound was applied, migration and invasion were substantially reduced.

Both DIM and genistein are already being developed for use as a preventive and a chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, although more extensive toxicological studies are necessary as at the time of writing (2007).

DIM  - Estrogen - blocker with anti - cancer benefits


•   Limit alcohol to one or two drinks a day

•   Breast feeding exclusively for up to six months.  Reduces breast cancer risk;

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle and Emotional State

"N E W S T A R T S "