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For Stage IV (Advanced) and Fast-growing Cancers

Webster Kehr's “Plasma-Beck Protocol”

Webster Kehr of cancertutor.com was the first person to combine the Beck Protocol with the RIFE PROTOCOL as a complementary protocol for cancer Webster's protocol, which he calls the “Plasma-Beck protocol”also includes several nutritional supplements.

Who can use the PLASMA-Beck Protocol? - Webster states that it is effective for those with advanced cancer, but ONLY for those who have NOT had a LOT of chemotherapy or radiation and who are expected to haveMORE THAN 4 months to live.

The PLASMA-Beck combination presents a powerful dynamic duo, which fulfills the two main requirements in any cancer therapy:

–   Attacks cancer at the cellular level - it achieves this by devitalizing microbes INSIDE cancer cells (reverting them to healthy cells) via the RIFE RESONANCE Protocol (using "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" with “PLASMA AMPLIFIER” and PLASMA TUBE)


–   Works at the systemic level over a few months by supercharging the immune system - as a result of killing microbes in the blood, lymph and organs via the The Beck Protocol l


Especially appropriate for melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcomas and uterine cancer (and possibly cervical cancer and other types of cancer) - which spread via microbes in the blood, in addition to cell division. However, very advanced cancer patients with any of these cancers should first use a faster-acting therapy to quickly stop cancer spreading - E.g.CESIUM CHLORIDE / DMSO PROTOCOL i

Webster Kehr's “Plasma-Beck protocol”can be seen here:


PLASMA/Beck Protocol

If, for whatever reason, you choose not to do Webster Kehr's full protocol including his recommended supplements, it seems to this author that it would still be a good idea to “combine forces”of the RIFE RESONANCE PROTOCOL (using the “PLASMA AMPLIFIER”) and the Beck Protocol as the primary components of a formidable offensive against cancer. Adding the cancer core treatments further strengthens the attack force.

Again, this is not an appropriate plan for:

▲ If you have been diagnosed as having less than 4 months to live

▲ You have had extensive radiation or chemotherapy

▲You have melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcomas and uterine cancer at a very advanced stage

–    Instead choose a faster acting therapy to quickly stop cancer metasasis - such as the CESIUM CHLORIDE /DMSO+ Protocol, which will more speedily slow down the spread of cancer, shrink tumors, reduce pain, etc.

Primary Protocols


The Beck Protocol/Beck Protocol against Cancer – The "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" with “PLASMA AMPLIFIER”covers the job of the Magnetic Pulser; You need to add Ionic Colloidal Silver (ICS), Ozonated water and the Blood Purifier (E.g. SOTA Blood Purifier), which is used at the same time as the "HIGH RF FREQUENCY GENERATOR" with “PLASMA AMPLIFIER”, to “catch”microbes being driven from organs and tissues into the blood stream when under attack by the RIFE RESONANCE PROTOCOL's microbe-disabling frequencies.



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