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1-2-3 PLAN:   (2) Eliminate Cancer Cells  - STAGE IV / ADVANCED


This protocol stops even FAST-GROWING /LATE STAGE CANCER.

Originated by Dr. A. Keith Brewer, PhD., the CESIUM CHLORIDE/DMSO PROTOCOL is a powerful and fast-acting cancer treatment against most cancers


Supplies a fair chance of survival for:

✔  Those with any stage of most cancers;  even benefitting irreversible end-stage cancer patients

✔  Those who have had extensive mainstream treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation

✔  Those with fast-growing, high-fatility, metastasized cancers - the best treatment for bone cancer, unless another cancer takes precedence

✔  Can be used by those on feeding tubes or being fed by I.V.

✔  Can NOT be used by those with cancers where inflammation / swelling could cause serious problems - such as obstruction (in the GI tract) or fluid blockage (e.g. bile flow to the pancreas, blood flow to the brain  or congestion in the lung); however, there are ways to control the inflammatory reaction by pacing the treatment and providing extra anti-inflammatory measures, in addition to the DMSO, which itself is a strong anti-inflammatory substance.


CESIUM CHLORIDE / DMSO PROTOCOL quickly alkalizes inside cancer cells

The cesium chloride therapy works by getting highly alkaline cesium inside highly acidic cancer cells -- which neutralizes the intracellular acidity leading to the cell's demise. Mass spectograph and isotope studies in the late 1970's showed that tumor cells have a preference for uptaking the alkaline minerals potassium, rubidium and especially cesium. The cancer cell ferments large amounts of glucose to produce energy and lactic acid. Glucose transport into the cell depends on potassium.

Sartori HE, Cesium therapy in cancer patients, Pharmacol Biochem Behav, 1984;21 Suppl 1:11-3 PubMed

For more details, see:

One common effect of cesium therapy is that patients report loss of pain within 1-3 days of initiating therapy

Cesium chloride treatment can cause inflammation/swelling

Treatment makes cancer cells "sick", which mobilizes the immune system to deal with them, thus causing inflammation  - be aware that temporary inflammation of tumors in some organs could cause fluid blockages e.g. blocking bile flow in the pancreas, or blood flow in the brain

DMSO and additional products can keep inflammation under control - However:

 -    With brain cancer - it is advisable to begin therapy with a lower-than-normal dose;

-    With cancer in the digestive tract (including throat) or with other digestive tract obstruction - inflammation could be dangerous and it is advisable not to use cesium chloride treatment.

CESIUM CHLORIDE / DMSO PROTOCOL utilizes pharmaceutical grade DMSO

 However, pregnant women, women who may be pregnant, women who may become pregnant, or women who are breast-feeding, should not use DMSO 

-   DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide, a by-product of the wood pulping industry) enables cesium to more readily enter cancer cells.   If applying cesium transdermally, cesium needs to be combined with DMSO and rubbed into skin to transport cesium through the skin into the body, and then through the cancer cell membranes and into cells. If cesium is taken orally, DMSO can either be rubbed into skin or also taken orally to aid cesium's entry into cancer cells; when DMSO is applied transdermally, skin must be clean and bare and allowed to dry before washing it off. It is important that you read up on this useful substance, which must be handled with due diligence:


-   DMSO is a strong anti-inflammatory substance.  This is an important property to have present when using cesium as a cancer therapy, which produces inflammation as the immune system deals with dying cancer cells;





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