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Cancer is a systemic problem which can be dealt with

Far from a death sentence, cancer is a wake-up call !

 By the time a tumor is diagnosed, it has usually been growing for several years.


What is a cancer cell?   A cell inefficiently producing its energy by fermentation (from glucose), rather than by cellular respiration (from glucose + oxygen). It ferments glucose, hates oxygen and divides out of control. A tumor with a billion cells is about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil.

What is Cancer?


We get cancer cells every day and our immune system normally destroys them (The photo to the right shows an immune system T-cell destroying a cancer cell).

Lifestyle choices, lack of good nutrition, emotional trauma, excess toxins etc. create more fermenting cells than the immune system cells can handle . . . at which point we are diagnosed as having cancer.

To cure cancer, we need to understand that it is a systemic problem

Killing the cancer cells (with chemotherapy and radiation, for example) is not going to restore our system back to normal.

All cancers have four characteristics which need to be addressed (All made worse by conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation): 

✔  Weak immune system

✔  Weak cell “battery” levels.   Can involve, for example, low oxygen uptake by the cells, magnesium deficiency, poor cellular membrane integrity, harmful electromagnetic frequencies/or conversely a lack of beneficial EMF frequencies;

✔  Excessive acidity in body tissues

✔  Imbalance of oxidants compared to "damage control" antioxidants


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