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Treatments Against Lung Cancer

Lung cancer treatment choices

At present, there is no effective medical therapy in metastatic Non Small Cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who progress under a first-line chemotherapy containing cisplatin. The following alternative treatments are provided, some with anecdotal success, others with supportive studies.

Treatments must be fast-acting and not cause congestion

It is easy to KILL the cancer cells in a lung cancer patient - however, it is NOT SO EASY TO DO IT SAFELY without causing dangerous congestion in the lungs due to:

1. Dead cancer cell debris

2. Inflammation and swelling as a consequence of treatment.   A dying cancer cell induces an immune system attack that causes inflammation and swelling.

Immune system (IS) building treatments do not cause inflammation, but are slow (up to 12 months).   These type of treatments allow the IS to kill the cancer cells safely and are generally used in conjunction with proteolytic enzymes, which strip the protective protein coating from around the cancer cells so the IS can more easilykill the cancer cells. However, proteases thin the blood, so only moderate doses can be taken (e.g. 15 capsules a day of Vitalzym). The problem is that lung cancer patients typically do not have enough time for this method to work.

A treatment that kills cancer cells directly creates inflammation and is a balancing act between killing too many cancer cells (creating too much debris) and not killing enough (such that the cancer cells cause too much congestion).    This can be very tricky and ideally needs clinical supervision.

Fortunately, there are some fast-acting alternative treatment methods that do NOT cause inflammation and for lung cancer these are the best choices.   They avoid the problem of creating congestion.

Treatment Plan for Lung Cancer

(Does not cause Inflammation or Congestion in lungs)

(1) Cancer Treatment CORE - Cancer NOT Allowed!


-   BUDWIG PROTOCOL (include at least 6 Tbsp. Flax oil /day)


Baking soda / Maple Syrup Protocol


Baking soda alkalizes cells.   Researchers have found that this protocol inhibits malignant growth by increasing tumor pH, and also reduces formation of spontaneous metasases

–    The sudden pH increase kills the cancer cells.    The shock wave of alkalinity allows more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can tolerate.


(If, like thisauthor,you hold with the microbial theory of cancer)

–    Causes cancer microbe inside cells to die or go into its hibernating form, such that cells revert to normal metabolism

Baking Soda / Maple Syrup against Cancer

Magnesium Chloride Therapy


Without sufficient magnesium, the body accumulates toxins and acid residues anddegenerates rapidly.    For any degenerative disease, especially cancer, transdermal or nebulized magnesium is a “No-brainer”to quickly build up the body's magnesium levels.

Nebulized Magnesium is the ideal delivery method for Lung cancer.   Putting the magnesium into the action center, where it is needed to fight infection and counter broncho-constriction; additionally, Mg is absorbed through the lung tissue into the bloodstream for a systemic effect

Nebulizing Magnesium Chloride

Transdermal Magnesium

For emergency situations.   Three daily applications of Magnesium Chloride solution spread all over the body like a sunscreen;

For urgent situations.   Two daily treatments are indicated

Magnesium against Cancer

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy

Nebulize Sodium Bicarbonate

Deal with Estrogen Dominance in Lung Cancer

Treat ESTROGEN Dominance in Lung Cancer

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Nebulizing Eucalyptus oil.   Time-tested, known bronchial-dilator. Just add a drop or two to the nebulizer cup (Can combine with magnesiium chloride in nebulizer)

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