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Magnesium Menubar
Signs of Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency

Signs of Deficiency

(Indicating increased requirement for Mg)

Not all symptoms need to be present to assume deficiency, But many of them often occur together


Nervous System


✔ Angina (due to spasms of the coronary arteries)

✔ Palpitations

✔ Abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)

✔ Arteriosclerosis/atherosclerosis

✔ High cholesterol w/hypertension

✔ Heart attack

✔ Stroke

✔ Tachycardia (fast pulse),

✔ Thrombosis

✔ Seizures

✔ Mitral valve prolapse

✔ Agoraphobia

✔ Apathy

✔ Anxiety

✔ Confusion

✔ Depression

✔ Disorientation

✔ Epilepsy

✔ Hallucinations

✔ Hyperactivity

✔ Increased excitability /jumpiness

✔ Insomnia

✔ Irritability

✔ Loud noise sensitivity

(from stapedius muscle tension in the ear)

✔ Mental illness

✔ Multiple sclerosis (MS)

✔ Nervousness

✔ Neuritis paranoia

✔ Panic attacks

✔ Parkinson's disease

✔ Poor memory

✔ Premenstrual irritability

✔ Restlessness with constant movement

✔ Senility

✔ Alcoholism

✔ Arthritis

✔ Body odors

✔ Breast tenderness

✔ Broken bones

✔ Calcification in any organ

✔ Cancer

✔ Carbohydrate intolerance or craving (esp. chocolate)

✔ Chest tightness

✔ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

✔ Diabetes

✔ Eclampsia

✔ Gallstones

✔ Headaches

✔ Infections /Inflammations

✔ Kidney stones (calcium oxalate)

✔ Liver cirrhosis

✔ Lupus erythematosus

✔ Migraines

✔ Old age

✔ Peculiar sensation that one can't take a deep breath

✔ Photophobia (especially difficulty adjusting to oncoming bright headlights in the absence of eye disease);

✔ Overactive thyroid

✔ Prostate problems

✔ Rickets

✔ Rigidity

✔ Salt craving

✔ Sighing a lot

✔ Skin wrinkled/tough

✔ Stiffness


✔ Backache

✔ Convulsions

✔ Cramps,

✔ Difficulty swallowing /lump in the throat (especially provoked by eating sugar)

✔ Facial Tics

✔ Muscle tension / contractions /Muscle soreness

✔ Neck pain

✔ Numbness

✔ Nystagmus (rapid eye movements)

✔ Spasms

✔ Tension headaches

✔ Tingling

✔ TMJ dysfunction

✔ Tremors

✔ Twitches

✔ Urinary spasms

Digestive System

✔ Colic,

✔ Constipation,

✔ Chronic diarrhea,

✔ Malabsorption,

✔ Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)

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