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Magnesium maintains cell membrane integrity

Mg maintains Cell membrane integrity

Prevents Infection of Cell

Magnesium maintains the permeability, flexibility and stability of membranes – by wearing its different “hats”, i.e.

(1) Affecting >300 enzymes

(2) Aiding ion transport across cell membranes

and (3) Being involved in fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism;

It's easy to realize that Mg deficiency would lead to a weakening of the cell membrane, thereby setting the stage for infection of the cell. Note that evidence is building to support the theory that such infections are involved in cancer.

Mg –Against Cancer

Membrane integrity affects the ability of cells to prevent calcium from accumulating inside the cells -a compromised cell membrane (or low ATP production) makes it difficult for the cell to maintain the normal concentration gradient of 10,000 times more calcium outside of cells than inside; when this happens there is increased intracellular calcium.

In vivo, magnesium deficiency increases membrane fluidity and permeability

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