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Mg –Detoxifies cells of toxic metals and other toxins

Mg - Detoxifies cells of toxic metals and other toxins

Mg protects cells from toxic metals

Magnesium protects cells from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel prevalent in today's environment -toxic metal bombardment is a well-known challenge of our modern day. A consequence of magnesium deficiency (or relative overabundance of calcium) is lower cell membrane “batteries”(and thus loss of pumping capacity), such that toxic metals are less effectively removed from, and thus accumulate in cells. Mg (along with other minerals, such as zinc) is vital for phase I detoxification and is particularly invaluable for dislodging toxic metals from the body

–    Evidence is mounting that low Mg levels allow the toxic metal deposition in the brain tissue that precedes Parkinson´s disease, multiple sclerosis(MS) and Alzheimer´s


–    Low total body Magnesium could also be a major contributor to heavy metal toxicity in children, a factor involved in learning disorderss


Cellular detoxification

Mg (and other alkaline minerals) are utilized by the body for detoxification

–    Used to process cellular debris


–    Counteracts elevated uric acid production when combating a detox reaction – if in short supply, Mg is taken from bones

Mg is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients in the chemically toxic individual –and these individuals are observed to excrete high amounts of Mg in urine, causing low Mg levels in body

The ability to detox a particular toxin varies upon an individual's magnesium level –according to Dr. Frederica P. Perera, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health, who recognizes that although there can be a 500-fold difference in the ability of each person to detoxify a particular toxin, a main determining factor is an individual's Mg level

Mg protects the cell from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and nickel

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