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Magnesium against Estrogen Dominance

Magnesium against Estrogen Dominance

High estrogen levels linked to deficiency in Mg and B vitamins

–   Mg activates B6 needed for clearing estrogen from the liver - Mg is needed for a phosphate transfer reaction that activates vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine). Thus a Mg deficiency may affect hepatic estrogen clearance by decreasing the biological activity of the B vitamins.

Reduce estrogen / Help liver better eliminate estrogen


–   Magnesium directly influences estrogen conjugation (in this bound form, estrogen can be eliminated from the body) - Mg increases activity of an enzyme (glucuronyl transferase) involved in the hepatic glucuronidation of estrogens (Estrogen is commonly bound to glucuronic acid forming a compound that can be excreted into bile and removed from the liver, and then excreted into the intestines for elimination from the body).


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