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Magnesium Chloride for infections

Magnesium Chloride

-  Immune system booster / Infection fighter / Wound healer

Magnesium chloride improves the immune system production of antibodies and considerably improves the activity of its granulocytes

(white blood cell basophils, neutrophils and eosinophils)

Pioneers in research using Mg Chloride as an antibiotic to fight infection

French surgeon, Pierre Delbet MD. (1861–1957)–   professor of clinical surgery, and French Academy of Sciences member.In 1915, Prof. Delbet was looking for a solution to cleanse wounds of soldiers injured in WWI, after finding that the then available antiseptics actually damaged tissues and encouraged infections instead of preventing them. In all his tests magnesium chloride solution was by far the best. Not only was it harmless for tissues, but it also greatly increased leucocyte activity and phagocytosis in the destruction of microbes.

After World War I, his experiments using MgCl2 chloride both internally and externally found it to be a powerful immune stimulant, increasing phagocytosis (the engulfing of pathogens by white blood cells) by up to 300% i.e. the same number of white blood cells destroyed up to 3x more microbes than without MgCl2.

One of his several books presenting the results of his studies on magnesium chloride is Politique Préventive du Cancer(1944). He is remembered today for his groundbreaking studies of magnesium chloride as an immune stimulant,as well as for his advocacy of using it to improve health in general. Dr. Delbet referred to magnesium as a “miracle mineral.”

French Dr. A. Neveu – in the 1940's, Dr. Neveu cured several diphtheria patients with MgCL2within two days. Neveu published 15 cases of poliomyelitis that were cured within days if treatment was started immediately, or within months if paralysis had already progressed.

Italian Dr. Raul Vergini and others – have confirmed earlier research and added more uses for MGCl2.He reports excellent results using small quantities of orally administered magnesium chloride solution (2.5 percent magnesium chloride).

Diseases having positive outcomes using Magnesium Chloride as an antimicrobial agent

Magnesium chloride gave much better results than other magnesium compounds in all the following health problems:

Lung/Respiratory Related

Skin related




Poisoning/ Tetanus






Herpes zoster


Septic wounds

Acute/chronic conjunctivitis


Optic neuritis


Childhood ailments

Gastro-enteritis/ Stomach flu

Common cold





Whooping cough


Scarlet fever


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