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ESTROGEN DOMINANCE - How to Reduce Estrogen in the Body

(3) Reduce exposure to environmental xenoestrogens to reduce estrogen levels in the body

Reducing xenoestrogen levels in the body is a long term process achieved by reducing xenoestrogen exposure

•  An estrogen-dominant body tries to compensate by desensitizing its estrogen receptors, making them less sensitive to estrogen - However, because natural PROGESTERONE re-sensitizes the estrogen receptors to normal sensitivity, if one uses natural PROGESTERONE without first getting rid of exposure to xenoestrogens / excess phytoestrogens symptoms would likely get worse (E.g. cysts get bigger, breasts become sorer, more bloating and fat gain around the middle).

•  Be patient - After cutting out xenoestrogens (and excess phytoestrogens), it takes about 1-3 months, for these “undesireables” to leave the body.

Some examples given here, but for more details, see:

Xenoestrogens - Endocrine Disruptors


Avoid.    #3 Vinyl/PVC and #7 OTHER (usually polycarbonate), which are estrogenic.

OK-Non-Estrogen ic plastics.   PETE, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropolene and Polystyrene do NOT contain phthalates or use BPA during production (polymerization) or package-forming.

Children / Babies

Use glass baby bottles.   Not #7 polycarbonate; heating milk in them leaches even more BPA;

Do not use PVC bottle nipples or teethers

Throw out PVC (squeezy) toys

Use powdered baby formula instead of cans.    To reduce Biphenol-A exposure; breast-milk is the best choice.


Preferably eat organic meat and produce / wash fruit and vegetables.   The feed of non-organically raised animals contain hormone-disrupting toxins including pesticides, herbicides, synthetic or “bio-solid”(recycled human excrement) fertilizers, antibiotics, and drugs to combat disease when so many animals are packed closely together. Produce with the most pesticides reported in A Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce, include strawberries (contain vinclozolin, a known endocrine disruptor), bell peppers, peaches, apples, apricots, and spinach. Foods with the least amount of pesticides include avocados, corn, onions, sweet potatoes, bananas, green onions, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Trim fat from meat and skin from poultry and fish that tend to store toxins

Use rBGH-free milk and dairy / Eat growth hormone-free meat.    Estrogenic growth hormones are commonly injected into and fed to livestock

Moderate coffee/tea drinking.    To limit estrogenic caffeine intake;

Home filter your water to remove hormones.    E.g. synthetic estrogens from the urine of women taking HRT and birth control pills that are flushed down the toilet, eventually finding their way back into our water and food supply.

Store/Heat food and liquids in glass or ceramics.    Heated #3 plastics leach very quickly into food; most food-services use plasticized #3 cling-wrap containing phthalates.

Choose packaged goods in glass or paper containers

Eat mostly fresh foods.    Cut back on processed and pre-packaged foods in general;

Don't overheat Teflon pan (preferably don't use at all).    If its smoking it's poisoning you;

Eat wild fish.    Less contaminated than farmed fish; choose an effective Omega-3 supplement uncontaminated by PCBs, dioxins and mercury;

How-to Supplement Essential Fats


Use parabens-free, natural ingredient, non-toxic cosmetics;

Use natural soap, shampoo, toothpaste, anti-perspirant, lotions, perfumes and other toiletries.    Check out this site for help choosing personal care products;

Nail polish and remover.    Acetone is a xenoestrogenic solvent;

Use condoms without spermicide (xenoestrogenic) for birth control.     Instead of birth control pills;


 •  Use non-toxic, environmentally safe, “green” detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergent, cleaning products 

•  Avoid artificial air-fresheners - use essential oils in a diffuser or lightly heated;

•  Avoid lawn and garden sprays, indoor insect sprays - use natural herbicide/pesticide control, such as grapefruit seed extract, hydrogen peroxide,1 Cup salt in 1 gallon of vinegar, or other alternatives;

•  Minimize exposure to synthetic chemical solvents - E.g. methanol, aldehydes, ketones in paints, paint remover, varnishes, glues, cleaning products, carpet, fiberboard, other processed woods;

•  Don't dry-clean clothes or use fragranced dryer sheets

•  Replace vinyl shower curtain with fabric one

•  Don't use vinyl wallpaper

•  Replace Teflon pots/pans with ceramic, glass or stainless steel cookware


Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

N E W  S T A R T S

C-Reactive Protein - Reliable Inflammation Marker
hot flame


Chronic low-level inflammation (CLII) involved in almost all health problems

How to treat CLII

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)


       "The medical kit of the future"

The Body Electric

General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++