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Magnesium - "The Missing Mineral"

Magnesium Menubar
Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium oil stimulates body's production of DHEA

DHEA is a sex steroid hormone shown to promote collagen production

Apply MCO to skin and rub in


What strength magnesium chloride oil (MCO) to use?

-   35% strength MCO provides 600 mg elemental magnesium in 1 teaspoon.   A small amount to spread over the skin, this concentration is well tolerated by most people without irritation problems on limbs and torso (provided skin is unbroken)

How to Make Magnesium Oil

-   35% strength may be too strong for the face and neck and definitely too strong for burns or wounds.   For these applications the oil must be appropriately diluted. A 4% solution is recommended for burns and wounds (i.e. dilute1 part 35% oil : 8 parts water).

-   Dilute the oil further if you experience too much “stinging”.   Use clean, filtered water or spring water. Do not use chlorinated water.

MCO feels slightly slippery like an oil at first (although it's not really an oil).   However, after 1-2 minutes, as absorption occurs, it no longer feels oily.

For relief or treatment of a specific area, E.g. sore muscles, achy joints, muscle spasms, face, neck, scalp, cuts/wounds, burns.   Rub thoroughly into that area.  The more you rub, the more your skin will absorb; Let dry before covering with clothes.

To increase body's magnesium levels:

-   Apply with hand or spray several body areas.   Both arms and legs, and maybe also the abdomen for a large absorption surface area.  Again, let it dry before putting clothes over it.

-   Or slather whole body.    You can even strip down and use a spray bottle or pour oil into your hand to slather and then rub the oil onto your body from the neck down. Next lie down and relax for 30 mins. on an old sheet or towel (or find something to do that is not at odds with being naked), to allow time for oil to soak in. Finish by rinsing off oil in the shower. Don't use soap. Towel dry.

How much MCO to use?    One tsp of MCO (35% solution) contains ~600 mg magnesium, so 1 teaspoon once a day should be ample for most people. Although three to five times daily is recommended for a few weeks for those battling serious illness, to replenish magnesium levels as quickly as possible.

Putting ½ tsp. at a time in the palm of your hand is usually more manageable  than trying to apply the whole teaspoon all at once

Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D and neurosurgeon, has found that skin application of Mg chloride oil, with a concentration of at least 25% magnesium chloride, restores intracellular levels within 4-6 weeks.

Avoid sensitive body parts.   E.g. the nipples, genital area, eyes, freshly shaved underarms, freshly shaved face.    It won't damage them, but believe me it will sting!

You can leave it on for a few days or at least until your next shower.    However, it is best to shower at least every few days because the magnesium residue builds up lessening the skin's absorption of new applications of oil.

If the residue that is left itches too much.   You can wash it off after 30-40 mins.

If you use lotion or other skin oils, apply them after the magnesium oil.   Since by saturating the skin they would hinder the uptake of the magnesium oil, which would be left sitting on top of your skin.

Use damp heat for deeper penetration of oil.   E.g. use a Mg Chloride oil pack with a hot water bottle. Moist heat penetrates deep into tissue.

Physical massage much improves absorption into muscles and joints.   Spastic muscles have poor blood and lymph circulation, which makes it difficult for the magnesium to dissolve and flush out tissue and joint calcifications. Absorption improves by increasing the circulation through permanently contracted muscles with deep tissue massage, hot and cold water applications, warm packs, and heat-producing rubs with magnesium chloride oil. Moving your lymph via exercise helps flush out the offending calcium accumulations.

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Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

N E W  S T A R T S

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)


       "The medical kit of the future"

The Body Electric

General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++