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(2) Eliminate Cancer Cells


Red, purple and black grapes contain natural substances which are toxic to cancer cells, but harmless to normal cells


The BRANDT GRAPE PROTOCOL has been around since the 1920s.

The Brandt Grape Cure is essentially a fast, where absolutely nothing is consumed during the treatment except natural water and grapes (taken in the form of whole grapes or grapes you process yourself) - With no other choice for an energy source, the cancer cells take in the grape contents, including an ingredient which proves fatal to the cancer cells, but is harmless to healthy cells. The treatment can last several weeks and can be repeated.

BRANDT GRAPE PROTOCOL Using the new Super-Juices

Three new fruit juices have been discovered which have far more cancer-fighting properties than grapes - This treatment is essentially the Brandt Grape Cure, but instead of using grapes, these new super-fruit juices are used. It is recommended that this Super-Juice treatment last no longer than three weeks, but it can be repeated.

BRANDT GRAPE PROTOCOL Using Carrot and Beet Juices

This is a variation of BRANDT GRAPE PROTOCOL

NOT to be combined with the BRANDT GRAPE PROTOCOL

Details on these therapies are not yet available on this website, but a google search

will help you find what you need to know.

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